When you really adore a piece, go and search out the artist!
I originally saw these feather prints at Jayson Home in Chicago. They were much larger and framed and out of my price range, but they were B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!  It didn’t stop me from loving them….I took pictures of them and thought, maybe I’ll find them somewhere else?  Or maybe I can recreate them?  But, I was drawn to the uniqueness of the process in which they were created so I could never REALLY recreate them. They were so beautiful and could just tell there was something special in the way they were created…
In my email one day, I see them in the background for and advertisement for Urban Outfitters.  I immediately went to their site and there they were.  They were still more than I wanted to pay with shipping. And they still were much larger than the space I had available I in my home.  
A couple weeks later, I look in Sundance Catalog and there they are again!  Okay, now it’s a sign…these feathers that I love are here again.  I searched for a coupon code because again it was more than I wanted to spend and had no luck.  They were a good price point, but shipping drove it more than my budget.  But now I know the artist!!!  BARLOGA.
So I decided to google the artist and found their website. And guess what?!?  They sell their art and its within my price range!!!  Yippee!!  And to top it off, they offer them in a smaller size at 9 x 14 which is perfect for my space!
I went to Michael’s and found the most perfect frames for these lovely prints and they were Buy One Get One Free!  It was amazing when they arrived!  They came with such and incredible story behind them, and how they were created.
It felt so incredible to be able to purchase from the original artist and support them directly!  I included the story about the prints and the artists below. Enjoy and please check out www.barlogastudios.com!  I love these new framed pieces in my home!  I hope you enjoy them too!

Feather #1 and Feather #5

Feather #5

Feather #1

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