It’s a lot of work to be a girl!  Right?  Some things we chose to do for ourselves and somethings we chose to do to impress others. They say beauty is skin deep…but most of us feel we have to do a lot of maintenance and upkeep to be a girl! 

One thing in particular, waxing!  I started waxing 2 1/2 years ago when Imoved to the city. Finding a good esthetician is tough. Trust me. I have been going to the same girl for my whole time here, but she just moved to Florida :(. She was wonderful!  Both my facials and waxing were done at the same appointment. After her announcement, I started searching for who I would be going to. Unfortunately, I no longer have the one stop shop like I had before….but I have found 2 great gals to take care of me!
Bare Glow Spa is who I chose for waxing!  And let me tell you, Francesca knows what she is doing!!! She uses hard wax and it’s awesome!!!  I was in very little pain/discomfort at all. Shocking, but I do beleive there is a distinct difference in using hard wax!  If you have ever thought about getting waxed, (especially since it’s bathing suit season) I would check out Francesca at Bare Glow Spa!  She also said, if you mention my blog she will give you 20% off waxing!  Check it out!!

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