Updating your furniture and getting it on $ALE!!!

I haven’t really bought new furniture in quite a long time.  I believe in spending a little extra money on quality versus something I need to build just to save a little money.  I remember the first time making a furniture purchase that I didn’t have to put together was pretty amazing and felt pretty special.  In the last month, I replaced the chairs in my dining area; new desk and desk chair; and new bar stools.  In this post, I’ll show you the pictures of the items I purchased…but most importantly how I got all of them on $ALE!!!!!

First, I purchased dining chairs.  I have admired these chairs for a couple years…I had chairs that I already had purchased, I just never loved the chairs.  They were a special order from Macy’s and when I got them home with my Anthropologie dining table they seemed overwhelming.  I lived with them for 7 years and when I downsized they were even more overwhelming in my apartment.  So, I gave them to my parents and the chair look amazing with their table.  The chairs I found at Anthropologie are PERFECT for my table but had a price tag of $268 a piece.  I had a hard time paying that since I already paid that once before.  But, I found that they went on sale for $168 a piece with an additional 25% off and a flat $149 shipping fee…SOLD!  I got all 6 chairs including tax and shipping for $944.  They were delivered in 3 weeks and LOVE them!!!



Next I wanted to go from my modular Pottery Barn desk system with TONS of storage to a simple clean desk.  I went kind of modern/masculine.  I wanted to make a little extra room in my bedroom where office space is.  I found a desk on Williams Sonoma, but came with a price tag of $1,400.00.  I had a 20% off coupon, but still was more than I wanted to spend.  I happened to go to West Elm and found the same desk at $399 with a coupon for 25% off!  It was the perfect dimension that I needed and very strong and sturdy.  I donated my desk and chair to a local charity that I work with.  Many times, non-profits are in need of furniture!


Trying to find a leather chair I liked to go with the desk was quite a challenge.  Desk chair can get quite expensive.  They also are often larger in size and wanted to keep this space pretty simple and not have the traditional large office desk chair.  After visiting a dozen stores and searching a coulee hours online, I found the perfect one at CB2!  It is designed by Lenny Kravitz and looks amazing with my desk in the space I have it in.  I was struggling to find a coupon, so I purchased one on eBay for $7 which was totally worth it!  It saved me over $50 off the chair.


I needed some way to store my paperwork and didn’t want to got the conventional filing cabinet route…I found these filing boxes at CB2 and they are perfect!


I wanted to put a lamp on the desk.  Still thinking about the clean desk and lines I found this brass lamp at Restoration Hardware and it totally compliments the set well.  I was torn between the nickel and brass, but felt if I went with the nickel that it was too much nickel.  I thought if I got it it brass, it would keep it masculine and offset so much polished metal.


Ironically when you have a glass countertop, the Apple mouse doesn’t work so great.  I needed to get a mouse pad.  It was important for something that ties it all together.  I found a leather mouse pad on J.W. Hulme Co.  I was able to get my initials engraved for free and literally came in a couple days.


Lastly, I replaced my bar stools.  I had basic brown leather barstools for 10 years.  I gave them to my parents and needed to replace with something that would fit under the countertop.  As I searched online and in stores, I struggled to find something that wasn’t all wood or wood/leather.  I happened to go into the Chicago Restoration Hardware RH Flagship store and found the perfect barstools!!!  They happened to be on sale, with an additional 10% off and FREE Shipping.  When I heard that, I immediately purchased them.  They came in less than a week and feel that my home is completely updated and looks amazing!  I love all of my purchases and the way my place looks.





happy decorating!!!!








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