S.U.R. & Villa Blanca

Big Vanderpump Rules fan?  Big Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?  YES, YES, YES!!!!  Been watching since it all started!!!  So when the opportunity came up to go to S.U.R. with my girlfriend Jen, I jumped on it!  It was the most beautiful restaurant I have ever seen!  For Vanderpump Rules fans, we saw Kristen….and Guierrmo the other owner.  I started with a jalapeño margarita and it honestly was amazing (sweet, sour, and spicy!!!)  We both got the skirt steak salad and was awesome!!!  Here are some pics and highlights from S.U.R.  (Keep reading for what happened after S.U.R.!!!!)

So, we leave dinner and decide to go see Villa Blanca Lisa’s other restaurant….and I pull over to the side so Jen can take a good picture.  I look in the review mirror and see this Rolls Royce behind me.  I then see if come on my left to pull in front of me in the very front of the restaurant and look over and it’s Ken and Lisa Vanderpump!!!!  OMG!  Was so cool to see them. The pics aren’t that clear, but can definitely tell that it was them!  Such a great night with great memories!  Xo

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