Storing blankets can be a decorative piece of art

Sometimes when you live in a smaller space, you have to get creative with your decor and organization.  You all know how much I love to decorate and organize!  Everything having a place feels good to me.  I have been struggling with a way to organize my blankets and have been drawn to wooden blanket ladders for a couple years.  I have seen them on display in stores and have seen them advertised online and in catalogs.  The thing I love most about this piece is very versatile.  It can be moved into any room, bedroom, living room, even a bathroom.  It can hold blankets, towels, etc.  I look forward to incorporating it and it’s many uses into my decor in different ways in the future!

I decided to have my friend that is a woodworker make me one.  He is the same guy that made my headboard featured in a previous post.  If you are in the Chicagoland area, I would HIGHLY recommend having him make your custom furniture.  His quality is superb and prices are very reasonable.  Check out his Instagram @wenbriarwoodworks.   Randy is known for his unique & custom -rustic wood working furniture and decorative pieces.  He can be contacted at:


Blankets top to bottom:  Urban OutfittersPottery Barn, and Pendleton Throw.

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