Salt Sox-Our new best friend!

Protecting your fur baby in the harsh winter cold is so important!  Especially when you live in the city!  Between the cold; the dirty gross snow; and the harsh chemicals; it is so important to protect their paws.  Some people think their pads can protect them….they are wrong. Even “pet safe” salt/chemicals can harm your fur baby. It can eat away at their pads and they can ingest it trying to clean themselves. 

I had been on the hunt for the best solution and tried them all!  I finally discovered the BEST boots on the market and they are designed and made by a Chicagoan!  What are they?? SALTSOX!!!  And they are amazing!  See below, we got black and Little A is rockin’ them! 
If you want to get your furry little one a pair, you can get 10% off by using code tina1214 at checkout.

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