I recently started meditation with my yoga routine.  I have found it to be incredibly relaxing and enjoying learning about it.  Some have asked if it’s okay to meditation and have your own faith at the same time.  The answer is YES!  Meditation should not interfere with your faith.  Honestly in my opinion, I believe it enhances it.  Some religions incorporate meditation into it and others have forms of prayer.  I choose to keep them separate.  In my meditation, it is all about helping to clear my mind and set intentions for myself.  Where my prayers are for my faith.

I found that having some basic pieces are critical to helping set the right atmosphere for me and wanted to share with all of you.  Living in a 900 sq ft apartment in the city, I don’t have separate rooms that I could dedicate to one mediation area permanently.  If you have such a space, I would make it your own and create a beautiful and peaceful setting for your meditation practice.  For me, it’s wherever I decide feels right at the time.  I decided after much research, that a kantha throw, mala beads, meditation cushion, books, and smudge are the perfect things to help create a great meditation space.

As I began to start meditation, I was struggling with how to focus on myself.  How do I begin practicing self love, when I put everyone and everything before me?  I have never practiced self love.  For me, making others happy makes me happy….but I have been dealt an interesting deck of cards the last couple months and felt like self love was what I needed to work on.  After researching many sites, I found that Gabrielle Bernstein was very inspirational.  I loved her way of communicating and how she helped you to start your practice of self love.  She gives topics each day in “May Cause Miracles” to help you begin your journey.  I also love her “Miracles Now” book.  It gives you 108 topics to help you deal with every day issues that we all deal with.  I purchased the books at Barnes and Noble using the 15% off coupon you can get each week by subscribing to receive their email.

Once I got a good direction with daily guides, I decided just sitting on the floor was uncomfortable for longer sessions of meditation.  I researched several meditation cushions and found that I really liked the Hugger Mugger Zafu Cushion.  I wanted to support local efforts, but struggled with the quality and cost of what I found.  I have some of the Hugger Mugger items for yoga and felt since I was familiar with their items that this would be the best route for me.  I bought the blue one because I never buy anything blue and thought it was the perfect color to introduce into my space.  It also matched the Kantha Throw I purchased from Hautelook a couple years ago that I featured on a previous post.

In order to help me focus on my intention in meditation, I found that my Mala Beads from Mala Collective (also featured in an earlier post) were the final piece that I needed to help stay focused.  I have a very busy mind that thinks of many things at one time.  As I am learning self love, you can’t focus on yourself (even if it’s for a minute or two) if you are focusing on multiple things at one time.  Having the Mala Beads in hand, it helps me set my intention or intentions for each time I meditate.  There are some days I can only dedicate a minute and there are others I can carve out several.  Either way, it is important that each and every day you find a moment for yourself.

The final item and personally feel is an important one, is some sort of smudge stick.  I have used sage as well as the smudge wood sticks.  As of recently, I am a big fan of the smudge wood sticks over the sage.  It’s easier to handle, not as smokey, and smells soooooooo good.  I do this once a week and if I feel like I need to clear my space, more often.  It is said that when it is burned, the sacred smoke provides energetic protection, removes bad energy, uplifts the spirit and brings good luck.  Many yoga studios, massage therapists, and your family & friends smudge their environments.  You just many not be aware of it.  🙂  I picked mine up at my local yoga studio Moksha Yoga, but you can purchase online as well!

So there you have it….how I can create a space to help me focus on me.  Would love to hear how you meditate or create your own space!  Namaste


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