Little A saw the Easter Bunny!!!

Alright, some may think I’m crazy for taking my pup to see the Easter Bunny….but there is a good reason!  It’s all for a good cause and I get to proudly show how stinking cute he is… Plus, my mom loves it!  Honestly he is her only grandchild or grandpup, I should say.  🙂 This year we went to Dogaholics in Chicago and all proceeds went to Chicago Canine Rescue.  
Fetch Portraits did the pictures and did an amazing job!  She had a variety of whistles and horns to get the dog’s attention. I commented on how I thought it was awesome and she shared with me an app that they created called Pose a Pet that does the same things as you take pictures. More to come on Pose a Pet, but let me tell you…it is amazing!!!  And, you can upgrade for a small fee and it goes to a great cause!
What I loved was that they had one dog at a time come down to the basement where is was all set up. The “Easter Bunny” had it’s head off so the dogs saw a human.  He snuggled with the animals and then the head was placed back on therefore the dog was not scared or intimidated.  Before the dog was released back to its owner, the Bunny head was back off seeing a human face. I’m sure the Easter Bunny appreciated much more relaxed dogs and the breaths of fresh air.  :). Look at how cute my little man is!!!  

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