Little A and his journey

Friday I got devastating news that Little A has cancer.  It is called a Mast Cell Tumor.  The doctor thinks that I caught it very early, thankfully…but to be honest, it still hurts my heart that this little boy is about to begin a journey he has no idea about.  His surgery is scheduled for Tuesday morning.  They are hoping that it is isolated and that they can get clear margins.  We won’t know until after surgery what grade level the cancer is.  Apparently this is common in many breeds of dogs, Pugs included.  It is just not as common that they appear in dogs as young as A.

I found the lump a week ago when I was petting him.  I talked with a couple friends that are pet owners and got a vibe from several like “It’s no big deal, this is common. If it’s not bothering him, there’s no need to take him in…”  Thankfully I chose not to listen to them and trust my gut that I needed to get it looked at.  Knowing he hasn’t had a lump the size of a blueberry before, it was better to be safe than sorry.  

Of course with the internet at our fingertips, I have researched this countless hours this weekend…Of course then causing me to panic even more.  I chose to stop researching and pray that he has a safe surgery and that they get clear margins and has a speedy recovery.  
When I got him, one of my friends said to take lots of pictures of him.  So many people joke with me, because I’m always taking pictures in general and have a ton of A.  But every picture I take of him…I remember his cute, silly, and loving personality.  I’m so glad that I have captured so many amazing moments of his life and our life together.  Everyone that meets him says how sweet he is.  I am proud to be this furry four legged boy’s mommy. 

We could use all the prayers and positive energy for his surgery and recovery.  In honor of this little munchkin, here are some of my favorite pictures of Little A.

-j & a

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