I am in LOVE with Bio Sculpture Gel!!!

I have heard a lot about Bio Sculpture Gel Nails and tried for the first time last week!  All I can say is it is AMAZING!  One of the safest products on the market with over 160 colors!  I went to Stil Nail Salon (http://stilsalonandspa.com) in Chicago and saw Holly.  She did an excellent job!  I picked the Ivory Beige color and I’m thinking it’s going to be my favorite!  

It was really cool that each color/top cost is in its own pod and hand painted with individual brushed.  Such an art form.  The process was pretty simple with little or no odor and non of the harsh chemicals. I would highly recommend switching to this process as it’s much better for your nails.  The shine is not like anything I’ve ever seen!  It’s incredible :). Xo

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