Hair masks do work-

As you all know, I recently donated 10 inches of my hair to an organization that makes wigs for people battling cancer. I did this in honor of 2 very special people in my life. 

Of course chopping my hair off mid winter has me searching for all options to grow it faster. For those that know me, my hair grows freakishly fast. It’s already grown back over 2.5 inches and have had it trimmed already. 
One of my all time favorites to do my hair during the week….a hair mask.  There have been a lot of beauty mentions in magazines, blogs, and Facebook.  It’s true, they work!  BUT the secret to it really working and being effective, is that you have to towel dry your hair before putting it on then rinsing.  I keep a small towel hanging over the shower curtain rod when I do this. I have been doing 1-3 times a week depending on the dryness in the environment. 
I think I have found the best one on the market!  Made by Oribe and can be purchased online-

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