Goorin Bros. on Gilt City Chicago


Goorin Bros. happens to be an iconic store to purchase hats that is known for their quality, style, and heritage.  They happen to have a Gilt City Chicago offer right now that is AMAZING!  I would snatch it up in a second.  (As I already did, lol)  It’s available until 11/12/15 and a purchase completed by 02/08/16.  They have both online and in-store options on Gilt.

I went into the store today and had the best time!  I ended up buying 2 hats and a hat box!  I felt so, “Pretty Woman” with my first hat box experience! 🙂  The staff at the Chicago Store was very friendly and shared several options and styles and ended up with amazing hats I know that I will have for a long time.  These hats are so well made and are finely crafted.




The heritage black hat County Line is a classic hat that is great for travel too!  It’s actually made to be folded and rolled up and then able to wear when unpacked.  That is a MUST, as I recently traveled with a wool hat that took up half my suitcase because it wasn’t foldable…talk about wasted space to have the right outfit!  Super excited as it’s a traditional wool hat that will never go out of style and know it will be a staple in my wardrobe.


The light brown hat called Ms. Danke is more of a boho and floppy style.  I know I will get lots of use out of this one with Chicago Festivals and days enjoying the city!


I would suggest making your dollar stretch as far as you can and getting the Gilt City offer!   Definitely take a moment and check out their online store Goorin Bros Shop and see which hats are your favorites!  Would love to see what you buy and how it looks on!



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