ECOALF-making a difference one purchase at a time
As many of you know, I LOVE to give back to my community and my earth.  As I was searching for a laptop case for my new laptop….there was no other option than an ECOALF product.  I first learned of them 2 years ago when I was looking for a case for my iPad.  
ECOALF is a brand that uses the highest quality recycled fabrics to create a new generation of eco-friendly products.  The use recycled nylon discarded from fishing nets.  235 grams of fishing nets =  1 meter of ECOALF fabric.  When I read this it blew my mind.  
Growing up on the west coast you see a TON of pollution in the ocean and it’s always saddened me.  I often will try to clean up the beach when I go because, any kind of littering is pollution and not good for any ecosystem.  When I learned of ECOALF, I knew I had to support their cause to help prevent marine pollution.  
Last year I was looking for a briefcase and couldn’t find the right one.  I had no idea that ECOALF made briefcases until I saw it on GILT.  I found the most perfect one!  It’s great for all weather conditions and lightweight.  And I get soooooo many compliments on it!  I love it because it’s not only fashionable, made from recycled products, but also supports a great cause!  The material is a nylon that feels so rich!  I can carry it with wearing a suit or dress to work and looks great!  Also looks great next to my Burberry puffer coat I got last year.  

Please consider purchasing one of ECOALF’s items for your business or electronic accessory needs.  One purchase really CAN make a difference!

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