Crystals, Rocks, and Stones are more than we realize

I have been on a journey this year and have had the great opportunity to do some great self love and reflection.  One of the things that I discovered was that not only do we have our physical and spiritual aspects about ourselves, but there is a metaphysical component too!  A good friend of mine recommended that I see a Reiki Healer and it was honestly one of the most amazing experiences I have ever experienced!  After the session I began researching stones, crystals, and rocks to help creative a very positive living and working environment.

As a young girl I was always fascinated with rocks.  I may have been wearing a cute pink outfit and had pigtails with bows, but you would find me in the dirt checking out rocks and stones.  When my family would travel, I was always interested in checking out fossils, stones, and gems.  So this new research became even more fascinating for me.  I think rocks, stones, and crystals are so beautiful and then learning what their history is and how they connect with us is even more amazing.

I have several placed within my home and office and they fit very nicely in with my decor.  In my living room, I have a large Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster and a Smokey Quartz Crystal Cluster arranged with one of my favorite Patchouli Diptyque Candle‘s and love how the light bounces off the crystals.  Clear Quartz is known for its programmability, magnification of ambient energies clearing, cleansing, and healing.  With clear quartz, it’s important to set your intentions when clearing it as it is programmable and can be used for almost any metaphysical purpose.


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Next to my couch is a large Chlorite Included Quartz Cluster .  I placed this one here because Little A sits on that side of the couch and it’s where he an I spend most of our time together when we are home.  Chlorite is one of the most powerful minerals for physical healing.  Its energy supports cell function and regeneration.  With it being a powerful healing stone, I felt it was the best one since Little A’s Cancer diagnosis.  Hoping to help his healing process and prevent any reoccurrence.  It’s absolutely stunning in person and love how it adds a nice touch to my bar cart.


IMG_6969 IMG_6994

As I mentioned before, I love to get my Crystals, Rocks, and Stones from Infiniteus Rocks and Juice.  They are very knowledgeable and so friendly.  They listen to what you are trying to accomplish and help make recommendations.  I feel that I have created a very positive energy environment and am excited to share with you some others that are in my office in a future post!



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