Bedroom simple and pretty

My bedroom space is actually s pretty nice size with a full blown walk through closet. Carrie Bradshaw style from Sex and the City.  I had them installed in my new space and am loving it!  I’m a sucker for fashion…shoes, clothing, handbags, accessories.  You name it!  I incorporated my closet system into my bedroom and intermingled wardrobe and decor. 

(Even Little A has a spot for his clothes and jackets). 🙂
My headboard was custom made by a friend of @wenbriarwoodworks on Instagram.  He’s made a couple pieces for me that are amazing!  My office is mixed in facing my floor to ceiling windows for inspiration and to maximize the space. 
I’ve got a mix of old and new with some antiques.  I feel that it’s romantic meets pretty in a way.  Xo
(Photos are courtesy of Whitney Fitzpatrick)

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