4th of July Birthday Party

I had the wonderful opportunity to do a 4th of July Party for a dear friend.  His youngest turns 9 this July and chose to host a 4th of July/Birthday Party. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect!  I scoured the internet for ideas and came up with some on my own. Here is how it turned out!

A treat table was created where everything was red, white, and blue!  The star fabric was purchased at Joann Fabric. 

Chocolate covered strawberries with red, white, and blue sprinkles. Always use Ghiradelli milk chocolate. 

Used Rice Crispies recipe and just added food coloring and built each layer. A little extra butter makes these amazing!!

My puppy chow is pretty famous :). I added Red and Blue M&M’s to it and our in flag cupcake holders

Everyone loved these berries. Pretty simple…strawberries, fruit dip (marshmallow creme and cream cheese) with a blueberry on top. I didn’t scoop at all. Just cut the strawberry on top and bottom and was perfect!

Taco dip flag was a HIT!  Just used sour cream and Taco Bell taco seasoning. Grated cheese. The altered the striped with tomatoes and lettuce. Lastly a little bowl for the olives. Was so easy and festive!

Cheese and berry flag was a personal favorite!  The key is having a rectangle platter and alternate berries and cheese!

Outdoor decor. Flag on door, patriotic bows on urns, and Flag Mason Jar Topiaries. 

Purchased flags on a plastic stick. Removed, wrapped twine around and place a candle inside. This also became a nice party favor for the adults since everyone brought a dish. 

Flag bunting on the fireplace.

Build your own cocktail section was a hit!  Everyone loved being creative and patriotic at the same time. There were 3 to choose from and a kiddie cocktail section too!

Cupcake were red striped with sprinkles. Used a strip from aluminum foil as my template. The same for the stars with the blue sprinkles. The stars were a bit complicated, but still turned our well. 

Patriotic scarf purchased on Etsy. Loved it!

The night was complete with some amazing fireworks. The party was a huge success and had one very happy little boy!

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