I have been searching high and low for a necklace with my loves name on it.  It is so hard to locate a jeweler that specializes in this from a storefront, and almost just as hard online.  It’s hard to tell the quality when you can’t physically touch and feel it.  Well look no more…I think I have found the perfect place and it’s online!  I happened to meet the owner of while on vacation this spring in Miami, FL.  He and is family were on Holiday from London.  If any of you know me well, you know going to London is high on my bucket list.  So to find this amazing company in well, what is one of my favorite places that I would like to visit seems almost serendipity…

He made me this beautiful gold plated necklace with my boyfriend’s name and wear in proudly! This company has any kind of piece of jewelry you like in silver, gold, and gold plated.  Make your GO-TO place to get all your custom jewelry!


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